Ka-Ching - It's Christmas Eve

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Waited until the final hour again, did you?

For all of you who still need to pick up a gift for your uncle Ken, a little something for your husband Frank and a turkey for the dinner you are preparing for your entire family, I have a little present...

Here are the top five ways to make last minute Christmas shopping more enjoyable for everyone (yes, even that big-haired woman who stepped on your head while successfully grabbing the last Xbox 360 from your sweaty palms).

As an added bonus, if you follow my advice, you might just clear a path around yourself large enough to actually get your shopping done. You’re welcome.

5) While at the mall, jump on Santa’s lap and refuse to get off.

4) Hang jingle bells from your ears and shout, “Sleigh bells ring --- ARE YOU LISTENING?”

3) Sing , “Santa Claus is coming to Town” with an emphasis on the “You Better Watch Out” part of the song.

2) Place a “Hello my name is Santa” sticker on your bum.

1) Attach a fake Santa beard to your face. Ask everyone you see to give it a yank.

Merry Christmas Eve shopping everyone.

No… Really.

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