Day 2 [365 Project]

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Lo and behold. day two is here and another work of art has been created...


Use your favorite animal as your inspiration today.

  Not that I am a huge fan of fish (although I am partial to the greasy flavor of haddock n' fries) but I do find fish aesthetically pleasing. I'm just weird like that. 
I like all the bits that make up a fish -- the fins, the tail, the gills... I could go on, but really, I shouldn't.
Jantje and I were for a walk on the beach today, and she decided to make her creation of the day right there on the spot. So, of course, I followed her lead and created my "shell fish" using bits and pieces of seashells which had washed up on the shore.

That's that. Bring on day three...

No, really.

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