The pigs fly at midnight

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

I was thinking about pigs this afternoon.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

I was thinking about the time we (Geoff, Jan and the toddler) were driving, down a dark country road, when from out of nowhere, pigs appeared. Big, fat pigs. One was at the side of the road, munching on some grass. Another was wandering happily across the lane. And another - was standing right in the middle of the road, looking somewhat stunned, his back end slightly scratched. We tried to use our sleuthy minds to piece together the mystery. Then we saw the pickup truck stopped further up the way -  driver standing in a ditch, talking on his cell phone, while he watched yet another pig poke off into the darkness.

"It'll take more than a bucket of berries to coax those buggers back into that truck." said my husband.

I guess I've always liked pigs - to the point where I actually stopped eating them for a while. I'm back on pork but I still feel a little guilty whenever I eat bacon. But, I've never really thought about pigs as inspiration for art. However, lots of folks have. Here are six shiny, funny pigs with descriptions courtesy of their creators.

Pig Soap by LoveLeeSoaps
These fun, pink pig soaps are ready for bath time! They have the sweet scent of strawberry added and are made with moisturizing ingredients.

Flying Pig Trophy by OliveLoafDesign
This handmade papier mache flying pig is lucky indeed. He's glittery gold!

Beaded Pig Necklace by wildflower2009
A pink rhinestone pig and beaded on leather and felt with a black leather backing.

Paper Clay Pig - alabamalintheads
This little piggy is ready to pig out! She is made of paper clay then decorated with glitter, crackle paint and pastels to give her an aged look

Hillhock is completely hand stitched, upholstered in dusty pink velvet and pink satin, sports two hand carved walnut hooves and two glass taxidermy eyes.

"Oinkshroom" has a sculpted snout and is coated with sparkle glitter. It stands at almost 2" tall and is hand-cast in resin.

No, really.

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