People... as seen by a 3 year old

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Yesterday, the 3 year old announced that she was going to draw a girl. Next, she drew a boy. Then she drew the entire family. Later... a village. And just like that - she is drawing people.

Every person is drawn the same way, with the same proclamation, "A head, and two eyes. Some hair. And some legs!!!!" 

The drawings are always followed immediately by a happy dance, some enthusiastic jumping and a loud chant of some sort. Point being, the kid is exquisitely elated with this new found skill of hers.

She is also drawing the letter "x" (or "t", depending on which way you twist your head) with abandon. This makes me smile.

Meanwhile - today, she informed Geoff that her dollhouse toilet is attached to a pipe which goes down to the basement, out the wall and into the backyard. Huh? She's clearly spending far too much time at our new home construction site.

Life is good.

No, really.

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