What would Mary pin?

Once upon a time, a guy named Ben and his friend Paul had an idea. They thought it would be phenomenal if there was a place where people could create and share virtual catalogs or bulletin boards of things they like, with strangers. From that thought, came a little social networking website called Pinterest. It's like a birth story, only with a lot less goo.

Trouble is - not everyone "gets it". At least not at first  - as evidenced by a Facebook conversation that I recently witnessed on my ticker.

Some of the chit chat has been altered and the names have been changed to characters from The Mary Tyler Moore Show - for the sake of privacy. Other than that, this is all is mostly true. Sort of.

Rhoda:  Um, wtf is Pinterest?

Phyllis:  I'll send you an invite. You will love it.

MaryIt's highly addictive. omg.  Ha. Ha. Ha. No. Seriously.

Phyllis: Yeah. I totally forgot to mention that. Okay, invite sent.

Sue Ann: I can't stop doing it!

RhodaOk, so you just look at stuff?

Phyllis: Yeah. Then you pin it to albums that you create.

Rhoda: For what reason? Just of stuff you like? Are you effing with me Phyllis?

PhyllisYou create categories for the things you like to look at.  Then, you pin things in those categories.

RhodaYeah. Okay. I still don't get it. Do you buy these things?

Phyllis: Nope.

Georgette: It is the best way to waste time. I love Pinterest.

Rhoda: I need a stiff drink.  

Here's the thing. In the 1980s it was afternoon game shows. In the 90s - reality television. Today, it's social networking. We all need healthy addictions. I suppose. From Press Your Luck to Survivor to Facebook, I've dutifully slopped around with the masses.

I requested a Pinterest "invite" a few months ago and, like Rhoda, I was fully befuddled. I have since tried my best to get hooked - but truthfully, as soon as I got the hang of things, I developed a bit of a disorder. I've got a terrible feeling that my pins might not be worthy. Or worse - that my pins are just plain strange. Y'know, like me.

If someone did a psych analysis on my tastes, I might not be hired for another job for as long as I live. Human Resources departments would have a heyday.

HR Guy:  Did you finish looking into this Andrea Mulder-Slater character? She's got an interview with us tomorrow.

HR Girl:  Yep. Look at what that nutbar pinned yesterday: A fly on ice skates, a wall of toilet paper and a picture of deep fried butter balls.

HR Guy: Did you say deep fried butter balls?

HR Girl: Uh huh. She also pinned a photo of a toilet covered with saran wrap.

BZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (That's the sound of my resume being shredded).

Thank God I don't apply for jobs. Or work.

In all seriousness, the more I think about it, the more I think Pinterest might be more damaging to a person's reputation than those compromising fall-down drunk photos on Facebook - except for the ones involving gnomes. Or lawn chairs. There's nothing worse than being drunk with a gnome, on a lawn chair.

Google it if you don't believe me.  And be sure to pin it when you do.

No, really.

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