And that's why childrens' art is awesome

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

My daughter asked for paint and paper again this afternoon - as she often does.

Several paint strokes later, this is what materialized.

Me: Wow - it's wonderful. The colours are terrific. I love the turquoise, purple and green that you chose...

My daughter (interrupting my rambling): It's a "scaremanon".

Me: Oh, ok. It's what?

My daughter (matter of factly): A scaremanon mom.

Me (excitedly): Ooooo. What does it do?

My daughter (sighing): It's for people to use when the monsters are coming.

Me: Of course. I see now.

Then, my 3 year old sat down and patiently began elaborating. She pointed out the various part of the picture, y'know, to make things clearer for me.

My daughter: See mom, it has a handle. And there's food inside. Kind of like a picnic basket.

Then, she described the food in the basket, the people who would use the basket and how far away the monsters were.

And this, my friends,  is why you should always (ALWAYS) ask questions when your kids create pictures.

Every blob, splat and stroke tells a story. A big story. And sometimes, a blur of colour, is actually a care package for monster fighters. She may be on to something...

No, really.

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