Dog food doesn't belong there

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

We had just picked up a "new puppy pack" from our veterinarian. Included was a chew toy, some flea medication, dog treats and a tiny sample bag of dog food.

Anytime I am presented with a container - the contents of which cannot be seen - I must open it. 

And so, I did.

Inside the little foil bag was a handful of teeny dog food pieces, just the right size for a little puppy mouth. I grabbed a scoop to gave Max (the Westie/Papillon cross) a taste. He sniffed and then laid his head back down on my lap.

We were in the car - Jan was driving and Max and I were passengers, as was the toddler  who sat, cheerfully singing, in the backseat.

Heading home, I swallowed another mouthful of my ever present coffee. Several kilometers later, I was tilting my head back, sucking back the last of my drink when something hit my lip. My stomach did a flip as my brain began working overtime. 

What was in that cup? Did someone from the coffee shop place something intentionally or did something "fall off" of an employee and find a resting place in my beverage?

You hear about this stuff on the news. Appendages, bandages, you name it - they sometimes (often?) appear in food and drink served to the public.

I cautiously peeled back the lid, ready to lose my breakfast, lunch and previous night's supper. Then I saw it. A teeny piece of dog food, just the right size for a puppy mouth had fallen into my coffee cup.

I knew the French Roast had a differently flavor that day.

No, really.

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