Food safety, circa 1974

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

So I was sorting through some boxes today and came across one of my mom's old go-to guides.

The book is called "Your Freezer and You" and it contains tips and suggestions on how to properly handle and freeze your groceries. It was written in 1974, which might explain the publisher’s cavalier approach to food safety.

I mean, just look at the cover.

Do you notice anything - oh, I don't know - unsafe?

Here's a hint, or two...

Muffins and apples are touching a piece of RAW STEAK. And, oh hey. Look at the loaf of bread situated on top of a BLOODY ROAST. And what is that round thing under the strawberries? Shrimp pie? Please let it be apple. Nevermind. Whatever it is, it's in contact with the uncooked meat too.

Of course - as Jantje pointed out - this book was printed during the days when folks didn't think twice about sticking raw ground beef in their mouths to see if more spices were needed for the burgers. Raw eggs were regularly consumed as a health drink and lettuce couldn't kill you.

Things were different in the 70s. In so many ways.

No, really.

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