I'm a Yummy Mummy (No, Really)

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Last November I did something I had wanted to do for a long time.

I applied to be a writer for the Yummy Mummy Club (YMC).

For those who don't know,  YMC is an award-winning online publisher of authentic and relevant stories for women with kids.

YMC is about real-world parenting. It's a place "where moms spill it" and it is for that reason that I have been a faithful reader for many, many years.

So, I pitched the idea of me becoming their resident arts and crafts for kids blogger.

And then, something magical happened.

Erica Ehm, the creator and publisher of YummyMummyClub.ca called me. She called me! For an interview. And within a few weeks, my blog - my very own blog - The Art of Childhood was born on YMC.

My first post was called, Get Dirty, Make Art and you can read it here:


After that came the following posts...

An Amazing Creativity Machine You Probably Already Own 

How to Make Art When You Don't Know How to Make Art


Holiday Keepsake Creation: Kid-Craft DIY Ornaments

Santa's Helper Project: Reindeer Ornament Craft for Kids 

All Hands on Deck: 5 Holiday Fingerprint Paintings for Kids

Got Eggs? Make an Eggcellent Christmas Tree Craft


Make Some Noise! NYE Noisemakers and Hats for Kids to Make

And there's a LOT more to come!

I'm still pinching myself.

I'm ecstatic. Seriously. Look at me. I live for this s*#t.

So check me out at www.theartofchildhood.ca. It'll be fun for both of us, I promise.

No, really.

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