by Andrea Mulder-Slater

I woke up this morning with two thoughts in my head.

1) Coffee. Because, coffee.


2) Martinis & Motherhood: Tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! Because, holy freaking crap – I’m in a book that’s being released TODAY. As in right now.

Did I mention I’m in a book?  Yes a book! This book:

Shannon Day and Tara Wilson of Tipsy Squirrel Press have collected 37 amazing stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and make you pee your pants (in a good way).

I’ll be honest here. The thought of my words hanging out in a book, with other - much cooler words - written by thirty-six other women - phenomenal women - from around the world, makes me want to go straight to the mirror to check if I have any flax seeds stuck between my teeth.

Who are the Wonder contributors
Who are the Woe contributors?
Who are the WTF?! contributors?

It’s mind boggling and exciting and terrifying. And it’s enough to drive a girl to eat chocolate bars. Or chocolate chips. Or at the very least a tablespoonful of those candy sprinkles you find in the cake aisle.

But all of that is nonsense because I am in a book and that book is – as of this moment – available to the world.

And because YOU my faithful reader are a BIG part of why I am in this book, I am going to share a brief excerpt of my essay, found in the WTF?! section of Martinis & Motherhood, published by Tipsy Squirrel Press.

I'll warn you ahead of time, the essay involves this:

 Bug House
When my daughter was a toddler, she could whack a housefly like nobody’s business. And when I say whack, I mean annihilate.
Wings. Guts. Everywhere. 

When other parents were busy making sure their tiny tots Knew their red circles from their blue squares, I was encouraging my kid to work on her gross motor skills with the help of a fly swatter named Smack. 

 Her natural-born tracking abilities were most welcome during the year we lived in a rental while our new home was being built. 

Our temporary place was an A-frame with large, south-facing windows and about 70 billion fly-sized holes in the walls. 

We had a good system. My child would hunt, and I would help her ceremoniously flush her conquests down the toilet where they would (and I quote) “go to the fly fair” to be happily reunited with their friends and family.
And presumably, their legs. 

But then my daughter turned four, and just like that, the free ride was over...

If you want to read the rest, you'll have to buy the book. It's available (print and Kindle) on and and (Kindle) on My fellow Canadians can buy the print version from now or can hold on for the 6 weeks it will take to become available from

Now because sometimes I speak too quickly or too quietly or not at all, I should pause here to let you all know what Martinis & Motherhood is all about. So here, from the publisher, are the deets.
Stories that inspire, entertain, and make you laugh ’til you pee. Plus martinis! And not just any-old-martinis—these ones were designed just for moms! These tales of Wonder, Woe and WTF?! share a little glimpse into the lives of other moms, who are a lot like you. Through their tales, we’re reminded to savour the little things (like capturing extra morning snuggles), to let go of the stresses (they won’t be in that unfortunate phase forever), and to be grateful for the laughs that the unexpected brings (because laughing is better than crying and it may be the only workout our abs get!). So shake up an easy-to-make martini, put your feet up (quickly, before the kids find you) and join us on our journey as we toast to the many clink-worthy moments that motherhood brings.
Awesome, yes? But WAIT! There's more!

To celebrate all of this wonderfulness, I'm giving away a copy of Martinis & Motherhood and all you need to do to enter is leave a short message in the comments section below. Be brave, be honest and be quick because I'll pick a name at random on June 25th.

And... thanks for your support. I mean it.

No, really.

ps: Here is a list of my co-conspirators. They are all AMAZING!

Tellers of Wonder
Lynn Morrison
Angila Peters
Magnolia Ripkin
Louise Gleeson
Jocelyn Pihlaja
Alison Huff
Leigh-Mary Barone Hoffmann
Shannon Drury
Patricia Mirchandani
Lauren Stevens
Cordelia Newlin de Rojas
Sarah Deveau

Tellers of Woe
Shannon Day
Tara Wilson
Vicki Lesage
Abby the Writer
Brooke Takhar
Kate Parlin
Christina Antus
Jennifer Baird-Dean
Sara Park
Tamara Schroeder
Kristen Hansen Brakeman
Lori Lu Green LeRoy
Carolyn Mackenzie

Tellers of WTF?!
Susanne Kerns
Sarah Halsall del Rio
Lisa Webb
Jessica D’Andrea Kapp
Kim McDonald
Lisa Carmody Doiron
Olga Mecking
Holly Rust
Kathryn Leehane
Jill Hudkins Robbins
Kristine Laco
Andrea Mulder-Slater