Why are Dutch Moeders so Damn Happy?

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

I'm a Dutch girl. And so, when my editor at The Yummy Mummy Club recently asked if I would share my feelings on a Washington Post article suggesting that my people (specifically Dutch moms) are the most relaxed in the world.

I did, and here's how it went...

I’m five years-old and I’m in a small a town in northeastern Netherlands, visiting family with my parents. 

It’s late afternoon and some neighbourhood kids are riding bicycles on the paths that run beside my aunt’s house. I ask my uncle if he has any spare fietsen (bikes) in the schuur (shed) behind his garden. He does, but they are all too large, except for one that – if modified – should do the trick. He and my father make some adjustments while my mother and her sister enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. Moments later, I pedal past the house, sitting on a bed pillow strapped to the seat post of a too-large Dutch bike.

You can read the rest (and I hope you do) at:  http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/blogs/andrea-mulder-slater-the-art-of-childhood/20151120/dont-worry-be-dutch

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