You're dumber than you think

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

I drove into town with my mom to do some banking. 

Because it was after hours, the plan was to use the machine to deposit a cheque and withdraw $200 to pay a guy for doing some work on my husband's truck.

It was a simple errand.

I went through the doors and walked over to the machine. Holding a cheque in one hand, I reached for the deposit envelope with my other hand. Only, there were no envelopes.

What are you looking for?

by Andrea Mulder-Slater

One morning when my daughter was 3, she and I were walking along the seashore at low tide, searching for what the waves had brought in.

As we stepped carefully around the rocks - our rubber boots sinking into the squishy sand beneath our feet - we discovered seaweed, sand dollars, crabs, sea urchins, periwinkles and even a starfish or two.

“Can we take them home? Pleeeease?”