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Here is a list of my most recent humor posts. Or humour, depending...


Are you packing heat?


25 Minutes in a Medical Office

Enough With the Arting and Crafting

Glitter is the spawn of Satan

To Catch a Mouse...


Oh crap

The heart of the matter

He's a doctor, and he plays one on tv (or the big screen, whichever)

Painting in public. Or not.

If you can't take the heat... bathe in bamboo juice. 

Mushrooms aren't the only things that get mixed up

These run on sentences have been written for writers. And mothers.

Peep goes the weasel 

He's baaaaaack...

The crow caws at 5am

A poem for Opa

Click. Flick. Flush. Repeat.

Top 10 Posts of 2013


Shhh... it happens

I've got friends in low places

Holidays will do that to you...

Under thug, see me

Don't follow us, we'll follow you

Sleep tight

Stop me if you've seen this one before

Clean up on aisle 5

With a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there

Don't touch it! DON'T TOUCH IT!

Stage fright

Big bag of what?

The princess and the pea(brain)

Hat head

Stop, thief. Or not.

This is a tutorial, but not for boy scouts

Imagine that

We're on a rural route to nowhere or somewhere, depending

Put your feet up, stay a while

What you know, can kill you

You say toilet paper tube, I say jungle gym

A Dear John letter to my immune system 

This can't be good for tourism

Relax. Don't do it.
Hollywood bound (and determined)

Happy new year - have you seen my cool?


The most read posts of 2012 and a Christmas present from me to you

Cinnamon Girl

Can you spare a square?

Food safety, circa 1974

Objects on movie screens are smaller than they appear 

Lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes. And find them somewhere else.

I didn't take a babymoon. You're welcome.

Hello, are you at Walmart?

You need to leave now. Fortunately, you have train tickets.

Do not call us. Seriously. 

Yeah, this is a rant. Minus the bitterness. Mostly.

The lights of Paris

Tampons are not toys

WTF Sears?

It snot what you think

Do they serve that at Dennys?

Remarkably good penmanship - for a deer

I may have reached my chicken limit

That time I was discovered

Another reason to keep my mouth shut

Potato chips and antiseptic

I may need to go to slang school

Is that a stye in your eye, or are you flirting with me?

Between you, me and the girls

There were ten in the bed, and then things got weird

Chickens freak me out

And that's why the modeling career didn't pan out

Kathy Griffin, have I got a job for you

We are the reason the do not call list was created

Strangers sharing garbage - it's a beautiful thing

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