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10 Minutes to an Organized Craft Space
When burning everything isn't an option

3 Beautiful Handcrafted Poppies for Remembrance Day
Lest we forget

31 Fun No-Knife Pumpkin Projects
Save your fingers!

6 Boo-tiful Halloween Crafts for Your Kids
Cheap and easy (and spooky) decorations kids can make.

Cool Idea! Artist Trading Cards for Kids
Tiny canvases, perfect for little hands.

Creative Scribble Games to Play with Your Kids
A scribble is worth a thousand words.

Pierce My Kid's Ears? No Way!
Her body. Not mine.

8 Reasons I'm Not Homeschooling My Kid 
It's not what you think. 

5 Fun Nature-Based Art Activities 
Get creative with sticks, stones and dirt!

DIY: Make a Nursing Necklace
Keep little fingers busy!

Fun Kid Craft: Natural Tie Dye T-Shirt
How to Tie Dye in a Pinch Using Ingredients from Your Fridge and Yard

Make These Adorable Handprint Placemats for Canada Day
Hands up for Canada Day crafts!

The Serious Health Threat in Your Spice Cupboard
How I learned about the dangers of a sweet smelling spice -

Kid Craft: Pump Up Dad's Kicks for Father's Day!
These Shoes Were Made for Painting

Do This Before Throwing Away Your Kid's Art
Have a prolific painter? Here’s what to do with all of the masterpieces.

6 Cool Storage Apps to Preserve Your Kid's Artwork
How to digitally tame the beast that is your child's creative output.

5 Stunning Paper Flowers Crafts for Kids
Handmade blossoms kids can create

Kid's Crafts: Just Say NO
Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be crafters.

Bet You've Never Displayed Your Kids' Art Like This!
Don't Stow It, Show It: Creative Ways to Display Your Children's Art

A Love Letter to Glitter, the Herpes of Craft Supplies
Rediscover glitter. Over and over (and over) again.

3 Kid-Friendly Creative Easter Egg Ideas
When Dipping Just Isn't Enough

DIY Kid Fun: 8 All-Natural Easter Egg Dips and Dyes
Add colour to eggs using fruits, vegetables and spices

DIY Kid Craft: Spring Garden Mosaic Pots
Going to Pot? Get Creative with it!

5 Fun Craft Activities to Keep Your Kids Happy and Busy
Fun Crafts to Keep 'Em Busy When They're Home From School

DIY Rainbow Shamrock Garland
Fold, Cut and Tape Your Way to a Pot of Gold

20 Ways to Nurture Your Kid's Creativity
It's easier than you think

Groovy Vintage Valentines Your Kids Can Craft Themselves
The Easiest Valentines You'll NEVER Make

Be My (Green) Valentine: DIY Love Notes Your Kids Can Make
Make homemade Valentine's Day messages using recycled items from around the house

10 Super-Fun Activities for Kids to Do with Snow
Here's how to get crafty with the drifts and piles of snow in your yard

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